My Sheds


I have one shed which is 20 by 10 for my breeding pigs,a 20 by 6 shed which is my maternity shed ,also one which is 12 by 8 which is my show pigs shed.
All my young sows are free running around in a big pitt on the floor with tunnels and little igloos bless them.
All my pregnant sows have there own maternity hutches to have there young, and the breeding cages are 3 to 4 foot plus. 

 On the 15th July 09 we moved house into my mum's house, unfortunetly i lost my mum Nov 08, but this was my family home, and had lived there all my life apart from moving out for 13 years, but i have now come home again. It was ideal for us to have a lovely big garden 180 foot long for the guinea pigs and children!!!! But we are building an extension on the side of the house and it will nearly be doubleing in size, it will consist of 4 bedrooms, bathroom, ensuite, clock room,living room, dining room, kitchen, utility room and study.

 20th Sept 09 these where the footings being started

 First floor going up well by october 09

 End of Oct beginning of Nov second floor taking place.

 As you can see by the end of Nov we now have the roof on and all the new doors and windows in.

 This is a view from the back door of the 180 foot garden.

 Guineapigwonderlands winter wonderland on the 18.12.09. Few pictures for you all to see !!!!

 View of the back garden with the snow.

 View from the front garden and road with the snow.

 Picture taken 1st feb 2010 of back of house been rendered.

 1st of feb 2010, front of the house started to be painted also old front door now gone!

 pictures taken 27.02.10 afer house has been painted, and the scaffolding has now been taken down!!!!