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 My name is Sharon Palmby (Fleming) and i live in a village called Aldham which is near Colchester in Essex. 

 I'm a specialised breeder and exhibitor of Swiss ,Teddy's .I breed to improve the breeds type and coat for my show lines up to the breed standards.

I have kept guinea pigs since the age of 7 years old some 39 years ago, i have been showing for 28 years.
Please feel free to look around my site. If you would like to contact me then go to my contact page.

Best Rare Variety At the Real London 2015 out of 60!

Impossible Princess Winning best non self and 2nd best in show out of 114 at essex show 10.3.12. 

Wonderland Cleopatra My Beautiful otter swiss show sow. So far she has won 9 times best new breed!! 

Wonderland Jacko my black alpaca boar. 

Member of the Following 

Southern cavy club
Rare variety cavy club
Essex cavy Society
Epsom cavy club

National Cavy Club

Broadlands Small livestock society

Peterborough cavy show

North herts cavy club

Teddy cavy club