Beautiful coated breed which i gave up 4 years ago after breeding them for approx 20 year ! So nice to see them back in my shed again !

Wonderland Iris Tort and White Sheltie Sow. Mum Lodge-Hill Rosie Dad Lodge-Hill Barley.

Lodge Hill Primrose Cream Sheltie Mum Lodge Hill Solitaire Dad Ganderland Flame.

Lodge Hill Borage White Black Cream Sheltie Boar. Mum Haystacks Jackie-Ann Dad Haystacks Voyager.

Lodge-Hills Rosie Black Cream and White Sheltie Sow. Mum Haystacks Sunflower Dad Haystacks Voyager.

Lodge-Hill Barley P.e Gold and White Sheltie Boar. Lodge-Hill Gem Dad Lodge-Hill Eclipse.