This is a brand new breed been in the country around 2 years, and caught my eye 2 years ago!!! And just new i would like this breed in my shed. Thanks to a few very good breeders of this breed , im now able to get started on this breed. And i hope i can work on this breed and improve the points etc to make it a perfect breed to show. 

Sir TobyBlack eye Pea My lovely White Black Cali Boar from Camilla in Denmark!

Wonderland Starburst my Cream Choc Cali out of my first homebred litter and won best N&E on the 5.3.17.

Wonderland Peardrop Cream Choc Cali Sow. Homebred Cali Winning N&E at Kent 26.3.17

Out of my First Gold BlackHomebred Litter ,Gold/Black Cali Sow Winning Best N&E at first show out 22.4.17